Mother's Day Darling 2021

 Did your little love gift you our 'Darling' for Mother’s Day? 

This sweet package was sentimental gifting at its best, giving Mum a present that you will use and love where it came from.
    Inside we promised glamour, self love and modern homewares, all in a hand posted, beautifully-wrapped gift package!
    Here's what was inside:
    Trinket Dishes by Hope & Co
    These pie crust dishes are perfect for storing your jewellery in the bathroom, helping portion control your sweet snacks or simply looking pretty on the mantel (if you have one). It seemed fitting that a mother and daughter team were the creative behind these dishes! Sarah and Georgina have a long list of talents that include ceramics, writing, photography and paints. You can also visit their brand new YouTube videos for some fun behind the scenes.
    Earrings by AFS Designs
    Statement earrings (big or small) can completely change an outfit from drab to fab! Alana is based on a family cattle and farming property outside Burren Junction, NSW. Alana loves the variety life on the land can provide. One of four girls, she is the go-to earring provider for her sisters and friends. And let me tell you - when I opened her parcel of earrings for the Mother’s Day Darlings, it was very clear why! 
    Sometimes, Mums just want to enjoy a bath completely alone. And if you don’t have a bath tub, let the kids give you a home pedicure. Don’t look at the bucket (it ruins the vibe). Just take deep breaths and enjoy that amazing scent.
    You can find out more about Washpool’s founder, Melissa HERE or simply do some shopping - I can’t recommend the shampoo soap bar enough!
    Biscuits are such joyful things...even when there is only one. Sorry. Hopefully you won’t have to share and end up with such a small portion that it seems pointless.