Spring 2021

Our Spring 2021 Package delights with Australian-made wares designed for the brightest, most bubbly woman who is looking to frolic under the sun. 
As we welcome a new season, we promised Springtime in a gift box - think picnicking, country racing and reclining under shady trees.
Here’s what was inside:
Food Covers - Corner of the Garden (sewn by Lisa, Nemingha NSW)
Perfect for protecting your grazing platter from insects and large chunks of dirt kicked up by little people.
Fruit Paste - Springmount Fine Foods (made by Carmel and family, Central VIC)
Is it a picnic without nibbles? Should you have cheese without crackers and fruit paste? Call me dramatic (and you’d be right) but if the answer is no, you’re wrong!
Clutch - Clutch Creations (crafted by Emily, Central NSW )
Perfect for dressing up on any occasion, just the right size for whatever your event might call for and a fabulous conversation starter.
Insect Repellent Candle - Settlers Products (from Emma and Ben, Toowoomba QLD)
Uninvited guests are the worst. They eat your food, cause discomfort and may discourage repeat gatherings. Can't have that - we’ll help you with your insect issues but you are on your own with the critters and people.
And whilst this wasn’t ‘under the wrapping’, each Spring gift parcel included a gorgeous postcard from the Beauty in the Bush Collective. I hope this prompts you to visit their Instagram page where they spotlight many talented photographers located all over Australia.
Post it to a friend or frame it to keep - the choice is yours!