Summer 2020 - The Unwrapping

Bye Bye, Bad Voodoo

Let me ask you - how has 2020 been for you?

Positive or negative, I think we can all agree there’s been some bad vibes hanging about. I don’t want to head into 2021 unprepared - and I couldn’t let you either.
Inside the Summer 2020 gift parcel, you’ll find an array of items to help you wave off the 2020 voodoo. With every item, I asked myself - how would this gift help you going forward? Even the humble scrunchie was asked the hard questions (FYI, the answer: I allow women to look ahead without hair in their eyes).
Rather than explain my thought process for each item (which I’ll do over socials, so keep an eye out in December!), I’d love to hear how you think it fits in with the theme, 'Bye Bye, Bad Voodoo'. How will you utilise it to find a more positive perspective in 2021?
Let's unwrap the parcel, shall we?

Washpool Skin Wellness

A decade ago, while raising three young children on a remote cattle property in western Queensland, part of Melissa's daily life was feeding livestock with her kids. Living in such a harsh environment meant that the children often had dry, wind blown skin, but when Melissa applied moisturisers their skin would sting.

She threw herself into research and was soon experimenting with her first batches. Melissa began selling her soap bars at the local handmade market, interacting face to face with customers and learning their wants. With an expanding loyal customer base, Washpool eventually outgrew the farmhouse kitchen before taking a big step into the storefront and workshop in Ballandean. In November 2019, Washpool celebrated its tenth year in business and is making plans for an even better (and greener) future. 

Melissa, her husband Warren and their daughters Emily, Hannah and Jessica along with their poodle Dickens and cattle herd now live off-grid about 8km from the tiny township of Ballandean. Washpool is a family business, with Melissa and Emily working full time and Warren dividing his time between the farm and the soaperie. Drawing on her background as an academic and educator, Melissa loves sharing her knowledge with visitors to the Ballandean area and regularly holds courses so students can appreciate the hands-on nature of soapmaking.

Restore Grace

A sister-in-law duo based in Cooma, NSW, Katrina and Nicole began individual interior design and home design businesses before combining their talents to start Restore Grace. Taking influence from their individual styles and combining it with natures’ earthy tones,  Restore Grace has grown in leaps and bounds as they raise their families and continue to work on their individual strengths. With cushions for home and heart, plant holders and macrame pot hangers, Katrina and Nicole are brightening up homes handmade living essentials. 

My Provincial Kitchen

Hi, I’m Tanya, Co-founder & Cook at My Provincial Kitchen.  Together with my husband Rob, we farm 11,000 ha in the Midwest region of WA. 

As farmers we know the extensive value in the crops we grow & one we think deserves the be highlighted is ‘lupins’. Experiencing some health issues personally it became very clear to me exactly where lupins could shine. 

I wanted gluten and dairy free food to be easy, delicious & nutritious, as well as food that my whole family would enjoy, which was a struggle with 4 young adults who know differently.  This is where lupins fit so well.  The only problem is that they can take a little while to get used to baking with them.

So, we introduced our “Bake at Home Kits”.  These all include lupin, they have no additives, preservatives, or nasty ingredients.  Making gluten & dairy free baking quick, easy & delicious (we’ll keep the nutritious under our hats).  But you don’t have to have dietary requirements to enjoy these baked goodies, your whole family will love them, even the gluten consuming ones!

From base Flours to Pancakes & Savoury Muffins with a Brownie & Raspberry loaf tossed in between, we have a range of 8 products in total.  We’re excited to see which one you’ll love the most & come back for seconds!

Scattered Seed Co

Ali is the creative mind behind Scattered Seed Co. Situated in Laidley, QLD, Ali works from her home studio whilst managing a rambunctuous family of 8 children. Passionate about gardening, animals and spending time outdoors, it’s easy to see where her creative inspiration comes from. 

Pink Paddock Store

Pink Paddock Store is a result of my current role in life - a stay at home and a very unorganised mother of three small children. I no longer have the time to go out to find cards that make me happy and in turn make others smile. So, after years of wanting to set up my own business, now seemed like the perfect time. And stationery seemed to be the perfect match for me!
Without sounding too incredibly daggy, Ive always had a love affair for anything paper! I'm mad on stationery. I love the texture of gorgeous card and fun designs - but most of all, I love choosing cards that suit its recipients. Everyone is different so they deserve something special that makes them smile.
I am very passionate about everything rural life has to offer. The wide open spaces, fresh air, nature at your doorstep and that feeling of being a part of a local community. Country life is in my blood and I feel very blessed to be able to live and work here.

The Teacher Collection

I’m Lill.
Photographer. Reader. Tea drinker. Runner. Gardener. Teacher.
I’m also the mind behind The Teacher Collection. I created these cards out of a personal need for self kindness and positivity, especially during the challenging teaching moments.
I printed a set for myself. Then some sets for my colleagues. From here it’s grown.
I value Australian made, which is why these cards are 100% designed, printed and assembled in Central Victoria.
At the end of the day, these cards are just a reminder. They tell you what you already know, when you need to hear it.
Thank you for supporting teachers.

Scrunchie Sisters

Hi there! I’m Ann Olivieri, mother of two beautiful girls, Alexis 9 and Piper 7, partner to Peter, lover of lime and coconut cake and owner of two successful small businesses, The Paella Girl and Scrunchie Sisters! We live in the small mining town of Moranbah which is located 2 hours south west of Mackay. Early in 2019, my two girls needed to fundraise to raise money for their School Fun Run. We decided that we would make scrunchies together and set up a stall at our local Town Square markets, with all profits going towards our Fun Run! We were so excited with the support and success of our market day, that we knew there was demand for our beautiful scrunchies, and thus Scrunchie Sisters was born! Small business has always been a passion of mine, and I am so grateful that I have been able to lead my girls down the pathway of triumphing in small business!
You can find us on Facebook or Instagram @scrunchie__sisters

Lilac Apple Jewellery

The dreamer, the traveller, the family heart, the Lilac Apple creator & maker, the girl called Sally. Chinchilla based, home of watermelons, cattle, gas, community spirit and LilacApple jewellery.
My jewellery is an outlet amongst busy family life with 4 little people. The studio is where I can create, restore my sanity, & make pretty things.
My driving passion is to make beautiful jewellery that makes you happy, that makes you look good, and that makes you feel good.

Wondery Skin Food

The Why behind the WONDER.....
Hi, I’m Louise and after an aggressive melanoma diagnosis in 2018 I made it my mission to rid my body and my household of all things chemical.  It wasn’t an easy feat, we are so tuned into buying reputable well known brands it was a transition and mentality that didn’t come easy!!! I started making my own make up and face creams and after some beautiful comments on what make up do you use? I decided to look into selling. 
With a new perspective and a little creativity we can change the old once was into something even more beautiful than before.
It was here Wondery was born!!
Mother Nature is simple, clean and full of the goodness we require to keep us eternally youthful. It’s not only what we put in our bodies but what we put on our skin and what we leave in the environment around us. It’s an all round super change for the better good.
My mission if you choose to jump on for the ride is to START A NATURAL MAKE UP REVOLUTON with make up made from simple ingredients ‘good enough to eat’ to play my part in ridding the world of single use plastic one reusable make up tin at a time! 
See you on the wondery train beautiful people 
Louise xo

Singing Magpie Produce

Despite growing up wild and free in the cornucopia of the Riverland, Sue Heward, like so many young Australians before her, was keen to explore the world. After 28 years of global travel and career-building, she found herself deeply embedded in the Melbourne rat-race, living an urban lifestyle but desperate to share the life she knew as a child with her partner and young daughter. So in early 2016 Sue, Mark and three-year-old Frankie took the plunge: they swapped the hustle of the city for the rustle of fig trees. Exactly one year later, Singing Magpie Produce was born. With a strong focus on customer service and the requirements of the hospitality industry, Singing Magpie brings delicious, high-quality products to consumers who care where their food is coming from. We keep it simple, we don’t skimp on quality and we care about our ecological footprint. 

Little Rangers Original

I’m Cassie Ranger mother to 2 beautiful girls and married to my dream guy. Im a part time special needs teacher aide at a primary school and a passionate lover of all fabrics and sewing. I have been in business for 8yrs and work from my little studio at home. I live in the coal mining town of Moranbah, Qld. 
I started sewing for my girls and things got busy rapidly from there. The treasures I loved to sew people loved also. I now sew all year round, along with my sister Renee and my Mother Glenis. We were raised crafting and sewing so it’s in our blood. We love custom making bags for weddings, races and other special events.