Diamantina Gift Parcel (Subscribers)
Diamantina Gift Parcel (Subscribers)
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Diamantina Gift Parcel (Subscribers)

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Do you dread Christmas shopping - especially for the women in your life? 

Do you want to get something sentimental, that they’ll also use? 

We’ve got you covered. Shop the Boxed in the Bush Summer gift-box experience.  

This package ticks all the boxes: 

  • No shopping centres and crowds
  • She’ll get a present every quarter - or just a once-off - you decide! 
  • All our products are made by women-led, rural businesses - she’ll love that! 
  • They’re mailed to the door - no-hassle. 

Sounds incredible, right? Check out what’s included… 

What should I expect? 


  • Tropical getaway 
  • All things entertaining
  • A touch of glamour for fun summer events! 

All in a hand posted, beautifully-wrapped gift package! 

What’s unique about this gift? 

Nothing is matchy-matchy. Yep, every box is different.

All of the products in this package are made in rural Australia - how great! 

The unboxing is an experience in itself - make sure the kids are in bed! 

You’ll have some extra goodies left over (for those last-minute pressies!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Xmas Treats!

When there's so many online orders arriving for everyone else I was so happy to have one for me! I can't wait to try the strawberry syrup in Prosecco and i love the bright necklace. The hydrating mist wasn't really my scent but someone else I love might like it! Thats the beauty of these boxes.

Susan McElligott

I have subscribed from box one and have been in awe of the work that goes into each box. I put aside 1 or 2 from each parcel so I can have something put aside for that moment when you need a little gift for the unexpected.

Very lovely Spring box

I am excited to use every item in the Spring box. Looking forward to that first warm evening bbq.

Winter Box

I knew the gorgeous Iris & Wool cable gloves would be included in the parcel which I'm thrilled with. I'm also enjoying using the wheat bag, hand cream and hot chocolate which were lovely surprises! Beautifully wrapped and a very special gift xx

Winter box

I enjoyed not knowing what was inside the box, it made me eager to open. Everything is well made and has a purpose. This would make a wonderful surprise gift.