Eco Gifting. What is it? Sounds difficult. Or expensive. Or complicated... eww.

It doesn’t have to be. Simply ask yourself, ‘what impact does my purchase have on people and the planet?’ and choose wisely. That’s it! 

But I won’t abandon you there! Here’s my TOP TIPS for eco-friendly, less waste, low-carbon, high satisfaction gift ideas to suit just about anyone!

Make It!

If you’re gifting for a close family member or friend, a craft project from the kids; a family portrait; or a handmade gift such as a knitted scarf or a fresh apple pie would be warmly appreciated because of the personalisation and effort made to create it. 

When you have no clue what to get someone, who else randomly weaves from store to store hoping the right gift will come smack you in the face? Or worse - resort to a nice smelling, chemical-laden soap and matching moisturiser gift combo packaged in a bubble of plastic. 🤔

I’d prefer a freshly home baked, preservative-free apple pie. Wouldn’t you? 🥰


You can find a fun experience to suit anyone: your boyfriend, girlfriend, grandma, uncle Norman and the graduating kindy class of 2020. 

Think Escape Room, ballooning, dinner and movie, theme park, high tea, horse riding, massage, a ticket to Monster Trucks Rule. 

Check out: Red Balloon or Adrenaline. Both have experiences listed by age, gender, or occasion. Easy-peasy.

Gift Vouchers

Plastic free and a great way to ensure that you won’t get the wrong thing/colour/size. Think local toy store, iTunes, Movie card, favourite clothing store, music streaming service! 


It’s not for everyone but a donation to the right organisation in someone’s name could go down a treat with the right person. If you prefer something more tangible try a charity gift shop. 

Check out: Red Cross | Cancer Council | Amnesty International | Mummy’s Wish 


Your best friend always wanted to learn parkour, your mum wants to speak French and your husband reckons he’d make a good chef. Buy some lessons and let him find out! It’s personal and thoughtful and may be the best (or worst) present ever!

Online Shopping

Save time and fuel by shopping from home! The possibilities are limited only by your creative search capabilities. Research the company you purchase from. Check out reviews. Read their About Us page for their ethos. 

You may want to check out a directory, such as Eco Pages or social enterprise such as For Dignity.

Or since you’re already here, check out Boxed in the Bush, a gifting experience supporting the small business dreams of rural and regional women. 

If you still want an excuse to mingle in the shopping environment hit the pavement…

Shop Local / Shop Small

It might sound like a small thing, but many wonderful things happen when you buy locally and/or from a small business.

1. Money stays in the local community / country

2. You are supporting local families with meals on the table, school shoes, memberships to the local sports clubs.

3. Thriving small businesses support local jobs.

Wrap It Up

Don’t forget to eco wrap it! Think kraft paper with natural ribbons, reusable gift bags, or make the wrapping part of the gift with a nice scarf or reusable shopping bag. 

If you want to know more about the impact of the eco gifting inspo above, or to share your best eco gifting tips, comment below! 

Guest Blogger Bio
Rachel Cartledge is a corporate hippy and prolific re-user from way back. Rachel created eco brand Reusable Planet to fulfill her mission to inspire Australians to easily reduce their waste, especially plastic waste, through simple changes to every day habits. A marketing and communications professional with over 20 years’ experience, Rachel writes to educate people on the toxic dangers of plastic waste in our disposable, convenience-orientated world. You can find Rachel on LinkedIn.