Corporate Gifting - Boxed in the Bush

Looking for a unique and personal present that’s reflective of your branding? 

Meet, Boxed in the Bush corporate gifting service.

Whether you are seeking to support rural businesswomen or just looking for a personalised touch, Boxed in the Bush has it all. 

With a grassroots connection to renowned rural stockists, we select niche products that ensure your gifting will stand out among the rest. Boxed in the Bush allows your corporate gifting to be as hands on (or not!) as you’d like it to be, where you can hand-select products for your gift boxes. 

Our corporate gifting options

Event gifting

These parcels are purpose-built for in-person or virtual events, and designed to reflect your brand. Whether you are looking to hand-select products or leave the creating to us, Boxed in the Bush has got your event gifting covered. 

Bespoke individual gift parcel

Curated specifically with a brand personality, these unique parcels are for a larger consumer that is looking to leave their mark. Boxed in the Bush selects goods from rural female stockists that are tailored to your gifting theme. 

Individual gift parcel 

For those looking to send a little something to a special client, Boxed in the Bush can add your branding to a lovingly crafted gift box of your choice. 

Does this sound like what you’re looking for?