Autumn 2021

Autumn 2021 - The Great Reset

Welcome to the The Great Reset package - our answer to low-tox gifting. 

The Rural Naturopath -  Herbal tea

Hayley Dawson is extremely passionate about helping those in rural and remote areas, ensuring everyone can be the best version of themselves. Living on a cropping and sheep property, Hayley offers online appointments to those who aren't able to make in-clinic locations. After dealing with her own health issues, Hayley found a passion for herbal medicine and nutrition that lead her on the path to Naturopathy.  

Natural Approach - Deodorant balm & paddle stick

Nothing can introduce you to Tracey better than her own words! I love hearing the why behind a product and Tracey's gave me goosebumps. 

Coco and Myrtle - Dishwashing Soap

Gemma is passionate about using local produce as often as she can - and why wouldn't you when your local area is the Scenic Rim? Gemma also has some tips on how best to use the soap on her website - it's easy peasy. 

Five Pears Designs - Reusable make up pads

Janet is a talented sewer who believes if you want something, you make it! She recycles, repairs and reuses as much as she can. It's the inspiration behind her range at Five Pears Designs. 

Em & Me - Pearl Bracelet

Sisters Danah and Cara are women after my own heart - three babies each AND making business happen! I popped these in as pearls are valued for their calming effects - and we could all use a bit of that some days!

Rubees Wraps - Bee's wax wraps

Sam started making wraps as a hobby and loves how it has evolved into a successful business, which she runs from a sheep station in NSW. About to become very busy with the arrival of her second child, Sam loves a home made iced coffee and mud cake - if someone else makes it!

Pepper Jane Designs - Earrings (Limited parcels)

Rosie creates stunning statement earrings (as well as working full time on a remote mining site). Keep an eye on out socials for when I share all the different designs! No pair were the same and I would have loved to keep them all!